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About Me

I am a self taught artist and printmaker. 

After moving from Twickenham to Sussex in 2006 I trained in print making with the Sussex Art, Sculpture and Printmaking Studios. My focus was predominetly in etching. I started foraging for plants to study in the Sussex Downs, which became an obsession and brought me closer to nature. I have a camera with me at all times and as a result have started to combine my work by using impressions of digital imagery along with traditional techniques. There is a hint of the Orient in some of my work, which i put down to a deep memory from spending my early years in Singapore and being surrounded by oriental fabrics, rugs and brass etched tables in our 70s house.

I encourage people to stand still and simply observe nature. My work has been greatly influenced by Arthur Rackham who captured the Sussex scenes through his beautiful illustrated fairytales in the late 1800s. I aim to give a child like perspective of the plants and butterflies where Rackham once trod.


My Work

I use impressions of plants in my work often directly either monoprints onto wood or pressing through a printingpress onto a zinc or steel plate.

i love the process and tactile nature of foraging in the Sussex Downs. Learning about the medicinal uses and folklore surrounding them along the way. Often there are hidden meanings in my work using the plants as metafores for strength, hope and resilience. Always looking for balance- yin and yang, male and female. There is a subtle oriental influence which has evolved in my work, which i am starting to explore more.

In keeping with a more holistic ethos I use vegetable based inks as much as possible and have been experimenting with making dyes and powders from the plants and land of the Sussex Downs. My work often includes insects and butterflies reflecting the symbiotic delicate nature necessary for balance in our delicate World.

Works are sold as limited editions, due to the hand inking process and the individual way in which I like to work, most art works are unique in themselves and are sold as varied editions. Using the same zinc or steel plate i use varied hand finished techniques including gold leaf.

hand finished Giclee prints are also used in my work to make some work more affordable.

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